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Wanna know how I built my copywriting business?

In 2018, I was you.

An aspiring freelance copywriter who was charging £10 an hour and £60 a blog post.

I watched other copywriters living the work-from-home dream. They had inboxes overflowing with clients who'd happily wait months to work with them.

They charged £200 an email and £400 a blog post.

Their businesses boomed while mine was on life support.

But then... everything changed for me.

I got me a coach. Someone who told me exactly what to do (and what NOT to do) so I could build the profitable copywriting business I'd always dreamed of.

Within 4 months, I quadrupled my rates and had my best financial month EVER.

I had systems and processes that made me look like a PRO.

I got confident quoting projects (hint: charging hourly is not the way to go).

I found my niche and established myself as the go-to expert email copywriter.

AND I had a client waiting list that was up to 6 weeks long.

Today, I've been....

🔥 Named one of the "Copywriters you can hire to increase your conversions in 2022" in this Copyhackers' article

🔥 Hired by powerhouses like Belinda Weaver, Emily Thompson (Being Boss), Samar Owais, and Joanna Wiebe (Copyhackers)

🔥 Featured on top business podcasts like The Get Paid Podcast, The Copywriter Club, Being Boss (and lots more!)

🔥 A keynote speaker at The Copywriter Club copywriter conference: TCC(N)IRL

🔥 An expert speaker at Inbox Expo 2022 in Valencia, Spain

🔥 And I self-funded my own maternity leave for baby number two

I've built a profitable and fulfilling copywriting business on a VIP-based model – which means I can make more working fewer hours.

I'm working with dream clients and my copy has helped them hit multiple 6 figures in their launches.

Want the good news?

I'm willing to spill the beans on exactly how I did it all.

I want to help you get unstuck so you can land your dream projects with your dream clients on your dream income.

"Eman will give you the answers you've been craving. And she'll help you feel really good about your business in the process"

Swipe my business-building strategies

Steal my client-wowing processes

You've got a billion questions on the tip of your tongue at this very moment...

All you need is for someone who's Been-There-Done-That Got-The-T-Shirt to sit down with you and answer them.

Every day, your mind screams:

"How do I find my first client (one who isn't my uncle or bestie)?"

"How do I work out what to charge?"

"How do I deliver my copy to clients? Is a Word doc good enough?"

"How do I decide on a niche? Do I HAVE to have a niche?"

"Where do I find a contract template?"

"When and how should I send invoices?"

"How can I find higher paying clients?"

"Where do I find retainer clients?"

"How can I stand out from the MILLIONS of other copywriters in the world?"

When you book a Borrow My Brain session, you get 30 or 60 minutes of my uninterrupted attention on YOU and YOUR business.

I'll be your very own copywriting coach. I'll answer ALL the questions you throw at me.

I'll tell you everything you need to know so you can get on with building the copywriting business of your dreams.

You'll even walk away with a 3-step action plan and a recorded replay of our session, so you'll know exactly how to get unstuck and start moving forward again.

"I nearly doubled what I charge, and I've successfully been able to charge my new rate to clients"

Borrow My Brain

for 60 minutes

You'll get:

  • 60 uninterrupted minutes to ask me anything
  • The recorded replay so you can suck the marrow out of our call over and over again
  • OR if you need me to review your strategy/copy for a client, I can do that too!



Borrow My Brain

for 30 minutes

You'll get:

  • 30 uninterrupted minutes to ask me anything
  • The recorded replay so you can suck the marrow out of our call over and over again
  • OR if you need me to review your strategy/copy for a client, I can do that too!


"The single best decision I've made for my freelance writing"

Hey copywriter 👋 I'm Eman

When I left my full-time job to start my own copywriting business - with no savings, no back-up plan and a (then) two-year-old to support - I struggled to believe I'd ever replace my full-time salary...

... That I'd ever find clients who would pay me to write...

... That I'd ever be Boss enough to run a business and run it well.

Within my first year, I did all those things. In fact, I made MORE than my full-time salary and I built a profitable business that's helped me create a life I love.

Every week, I get countless messages from other freelance copywriters asking: "HOW? How did you do it? And how can I do it too?"

These Borrow My Brain sessions are a way for you to get solid advice from someone who's walked in your shoes and who understands where you want to be.

To get invaluable, tailored guidance on how to succeed with the copywriting business you're trying, but struggling, to get off the ground.

If you want something to change, you've gotta try something you've never tried before.

How about trying a Borrow My Brain session?


Your 7-day money back guarantee

I promise if you don't leave our session feeling confident about how to move forward in building the copywriting business you want, I'll give you a FULL refund.

All you have to do is email me at hey@emancopyco.com within 7 days and we'll do a Back to the Future. #Rewind... like your booking never happened.