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Wanna find out how you can design a $4,000 VIP offer so you can work less and earn more?

With Design Your VIP Day – a 2-hour online masterclass – you'll get a behind-the-scenes walk-through of a $4,000+ VIP offer. So you can design your own win-win high-ticket VIP Day that you and your clients love.


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"I sold 5 VIP Days in the space of about 6 weeks"

Never in a million years would I have imagined that I would come up with not one but two really solid VIP days that I'm so excited to move forward with, to market and to share with the world.”

- Melissa Payne, Storyscout Digital

"With this training, I was able to create a VIP day model and I sold 5 VIP days in the space of about 6 weeks – without ever actually promoting the offer.

It's hard to find this valuable information anywhere. Not many people in the industry dive into this in as much detail."

- Zoe Heard, Get Heard

x2 month payment plan available

You love the idea of earning four figures in a day, but you have no idea how to make the VIP Day model work for your business

You're driving yourself crazy with all sorts of questions you can't answer.

Questions like...

  • Which service/s should I offer as part of my VIP Day?
  • Once I sell a VIP Day, how the hell do I pull it off?
  • What deliverables should I offer?
  • How will I find the time to do voice of customer research?
  • Can I really produce quality copy for my clients in such a short amount of time?
  • How do I create boundaries that keep me sane but also respect my clients?
  • Can I handle the pressure of such a time-sensitive offer?
  • How much should I charge?
  • How do I justify my price to my clients?
  • How do I position this offer so it's attractive?
  • What does a great (but fast) onboarding process look like?
  • How do I manage client expectations?
  • How does a copywriter get all this stuff done in a day?
  • How do I answer when a prospect asks me, "What if you don't finish the copy in time?"
  • What if I don't finish the copy time???

It's enough to put you off creating your VIP Day offer... which is exactly why you haven't created your VIP Day offer


Because with my help, your day rate could be up and running within 7 days.

(And nope, it doesn't matter what your niche or specialism is. Or even if you have one. As long as you're a copywriter, this masterclass was made for you).

Imagine being able to...

  • Perfectly position your offer so you can sell a premium VIP Day in a 30-minute sales call
  • Create a day rate system that is flexible and works around your lifestyle (whether that lifestyle involves kids, travel or hobbies)
  • Ditch the system that means every single one of your projects go on and on (and onnnn) for months at a time. Instead, you get to decide the time frame
  • Feel confident that you've done a great job for your client, even though you only spent a fraction of your week on their project
  • Understand the systems and tools you need to get your VIP Day offer up and running in one week
  • Confidently decide what to include in your VIP Day offer so you can provide the best value to your clients (and also the best use of your time and expertise)

"This masterclass had ALL the answers. It gave me tactical tips to make money."

"So, VIP days seem like this mysterious thing that coaches do and make thousands of dollars, right?

I certainly thought that. There's no way a service-provider like a copywriter can create such a fast-and-dirty service and charge boogoo bucks for it. ("Wouldn't the client feel like the work was rushed? A day feels like too little time for my brain to come up with good copy...")

I had #allthequestions and let me tell you, this masterclass had ALL the answers. So much so, that I changed my entire business model after this to VIP Days/weeks only.

After over 4 years of wielding words to the point of burnout with drawn out projects and pricing that left much to be desired, Eman's masterclass gave me the tactical tips I needed (not just the strategies, but the actual "here's what to do") to make money as a copywriter in a short-time frame writing the sort of tantalising email copy I love to write AND on my terms (aka, doesn't need to be a day if I don't want it to be - among other things).

This is getting long, but the point is this:

Get the masterclass. Do exactly what Eman suggests in the masterclass. It's the easiest and quickest way to build your copywriting biz with clients who've got their stuff together AND to make the kind of money that makes you feel like an expert." 

- Alicia Castro, Glorious Copy Co.

But wait. Who the heck am I to show you how to design your VIP Day offer?

Hey! I'm Eman Ismail – email strategist and copywriter who went from charging £10 an hour to £3,250 ($4,400) per day rate.

But this only happened after I threw out the traditional day rate model and figured out how to make VIP Days work for me.

I went from being unable to sell a £275 VIP Day to ONLY selling high-ticket VIP Days within a couple of years. In fact, my price jumped from £997 to £3,250 in just 5 months.

And now that I know how to design and sell a successful VIP offer, I want to share what I know with you – because my day rate model has changed my life. And I'm pretty confident it can change yours.

(PS. My past clients include Being Boss, Interact, Belinda Weaver, Samar Owais, and I've even written an email for Copyhackers!)

Instead of working on 2-month long projects that stress me the heck out, suck the joy out of copywriting, and drown me in edits (upon edits) on weekends...

...I make more money in less time so I can spend my weekends doing the stuff I want to do with my two lovely kids.

And I get results like this >>

  • £300K in revenue over three launches (in just one year)
  • A £200K launch in 7 days
  • A welcome sequence that (so far) has generated nearly £24,000+ for one ecommerce client
  • A sales page that sold all 20 spots of a £4,000 course within days of launching

And those results help me get VIP Day testimonials like this >>

"I pitched two day rates this week and both clients are interested!"


x2 month payment plan available

Figure out how you can design your own high-ticket VIP Day with my 2-hour online masterclass

Here's what you'll learn...

In Design Your VIP Day, you'll get a behind-the-scenes walk-through of my $4000+ day rate process and have your business-stagnating questions answered.

All so you can design a win-win high-ticket VIP Day that you and your clients love...in just one week.

You'll find out...

  • The inner workings of the Upgraded VIP Day method that allowed me to create more white space in my calendar, and earn more in less time (without feeling like I'm working against an anxiety-inducing countdown timer)
  • How to position your VIP Day so it's more attractive to your prospects. (Hint: Your VIP Day doesn't have to be a downsell. It can be your premium service offer)
  • How to structure your VIP Day and find time for voice of customer research, strategy and writing
  • Which easy add-ons raise the value of your offer
  • The key to an onboarding process that sets you up for success
  • The delicious deliverables that justify your high-ticket price and keep your clients coming back for more
  • The offboarding strategy I use to turn one VIP Day project into another (Yay to retaining those clients!)
  • My VIP Day pricing history, so you can find out how I jumped from charging £997 to £3250 in just 5 months
  • How to identify whether or not a client or project is a good candidate for your VIP Day, so you can avoid unhappy customers, refunds, and falling into the pit of "I'm not good enough".
  • How to be a 5* communicator without needing to communicate with your clients the whole time
  • The mistakes I made on the road to refining my offer, so you can learn from my errors and skip straight to the good part

You'll also get >>

  • The Q&A session where I spend nearly 30 minutes answering questions from copywriters. I'm sharing this (pre-recorded) session with you because I KNOW you'll have the same questions, and these answers will help you break through whatever's holding you back from launching your own offer
  • Lifetime access because sometimes you just need to hear a thing more than once for it to sink in

The only thing I won't share in this masterclass?

My templates.

When you join my 12-week course, Like a Boss, you'll get access to ALL my templates, examples of copy I've delivered to clients, over-the-shoulder videos showing you how I deliver my copy to clients, and loads more.

But all this juicy goodness is reserved for my course students only. If that sounds like you something you absolutely want, consider joining Like a Boss too.

Oh and in case you're wondering, here's what other copywriters who've taken Design Your VIP Day have to say about it...

"I'm finally ready to start selling VIP Days"

x2 month payment plan available

I know you've still got questions.

Here are all the answers you're looking for 👇🏾

“Who is Design Your VIP Day for?”

Design Your VIP Day is a LIVE 2-hour (pre-recorded) workshop for copywriters who are interested in developing their own day rate, but can't figure out how to create one that works for them.

Maybe you've heard other copywriters talk about their VIP Days and wish you could offer something similar. Or maybe you've even sold a couple of VIP Days but you lowballed yourself or felt like they didn't go how you wanted them to.

Either way, this workshop will walk you through my Upgraded VIP Day offer so you can create the flexible, high ticket offer you've been dreaming of.

"You're email copywriter, Eman. Will your advice only be applicable to email projects?"

Oooo great question. The short answer is no.

I am an email copywriter but I've designed this workshop for all copywriters – no matter your niche or specialism. Or maybe you don't have one. That's fine too.

My focus will be on helping you create your own offer rather than copying mine (unless you want to of course) – so the type of copywriting you're selling doesn't matter.

Good news for those of you who want to hear more about my email offers though! Since my experience is in email, the examples I share about my own business will be rooted in email.

"I don’t have a niche. Is that okay?"

That's totes fine. See above :)

"I already offer a VIP Day. Will this still help me?"

Absolutely. There's still so much you can take from my Upgraded VIP Day method that'll make your VIP offer even better and even more profitable.

"When and where is this masterclass happening?"

It's already happened! You'll be getting a recorded version of the LIVE workshop I ran. As soon as you pay, Design Your VIP Day will automagically appear in your inbox and you'll be able to watch it immediately.

"How long will I have access for?"

You'll have forever* access.

*"Forever" means as long as me and my copywriting business are alive and kicking – and I plan for that to be a very long time.

“Do you offer refunds?”

No. Because this is a digital product, all sales are final. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a question at hey@emancopyco.com

“Anything else I should know?”

Yes. There's one thing this masterclass won't give you...

And that's my templates.

When you join my 12-week course, Like a Boss, you'll get access to ALL my templates, examples of copy I've delivered to clients, over-the-shoulder videos showing you how I deliver my copy to clients, and loads more.

But all this juicy goodness is reserved for my course students only. If that sounds like you something you absolutely want, consider joining Like a Boss too.

Oh and in case you're wondering, here's what other copywriters who've taken Design Your VIP Day have to say about it...

“How do I get my hands on Design Your VIP Day?”

Hit the button below 👇🏾 pay the amount, and the masterclass will land in your inbox in minutes. You'll be able to watch it immediately :)

x2 month payment plan available

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