That inkling you have? It’s totally right...

You CAN scale your copywriting business, double or triple your revenue, land your dream clients, become the go-to expert in your field, build a business you love and have the confidence to manage it (and your clients) like a BOSS.

...and nope – it doesn’t have to take forever.
In fact, it took me less than a year.


I was fully booked for 6 weeks into the future

“Like a Boss is one of the best investments you could make in your business and in yourself.

I was fully booked for 6 weeks into the future (the first time that's happened), and I was booking higher value projects, including my first AUD$5000 project.

I think for the rest of my career, there'll be a clear Before & After split, with Like a Boss being the defining moment for everything that happens next.”

- Zoe Heard, Like a Boss Graduate, Get Heard

The best investment I've ever made

“Like a Boss was exactly what I needed. I have done so many courses before but nothing has come close to this mastermind. It covered all those question marks in my head on how to set up my copywriting business properly and professionally.

Not only that… it’s also given me the confidence as a copywriter to go after what I want and not say yes to every project that comes along. The support has been amazing, the kind of support I have never seen in any other mastermind.

The detail and work Eman has put into this mastermind is truly incredible. It has actually been the best investment I have ever made.”

- Farrah Dafali, Like a Boss Graduate, Copywriter

I see you, freelance copywriter.
Because a couple of years ago... I
was you.

You have a clear vision of what your life and business could look like.

But when it comes to figuring out how you’ll get from I’m-doing-okay to I’m-rocking-this-copywriting-businessyou feel completely stuck. And sometimes it feels like it’s going to take forever to figure it out.

What you do know is that you’re 110% ready to move away from where you are now. You want scaling and developing your business to be a top priority, but it’s something you don’t get to work on enough.

Client projects bog you down, so you’re stuck in the cycle of having enough work to keep you going, but not enough time to market and grow your business.

You have a Bigger Picture. An end goal. And even though it feels really hard sometimes, you believe in yourself and you know there’s no reason you can’t achieve your every dream.

Because the truth is...

know how to make money and you know how to land clients. But you just want more...

More success, more visibility, more respect, more money, more clients – better clients, a better business. You’ve had some great financial months, but your income isn’t as consistent as you’d like it to be.

You get the odd stream of clients, but you’re still bouncing between feast and famine cycles (even if the famine periods aren’t as dramatic as they were in the earlier days). When it comes to how you run your business, your clients run the show.

You feel like you have to say yes to their every request or demand, because saying no to the person who’s paying you isn’t an option. And sure, you have systems in place but they’re not up to standard. You know that in order to charge the big bucks, you need to refine them ASAP. Your copywriting business is growing, but it’s certainly not soaring. And you, my friend, are ready to soar.

You’re officially ready to get out of order-taker land and sit in the driver’s seat when it comes to your projects and clients

  • You’re ready to increase your revenue while working fewer hours, so you can spend that extra time having fun, playing with your kids, or travelling. (A 3 or 4-day work week is the DREAM!)
  • You’re ready to work on your visibility and become THE known expert in your field, so you can easily and consistently attract high-paying clients who respect your expertise and experience (and never question your copy).
  • You’re ready to redefine your services, packages and prices so profits are higher than ever.
  • You’re ready to smash your income goals month on month, whether you’re aiming for $5,000, $8,000 or $10,000 a month.
  • You’re ready for clients to find YOU and for a consistent stream of enquiries – because as much as you believe in cold-pitching, it’s a fudging time suck.’re ready to grow your business – FAST. You know this kind of speedy business growth is possible because you’ve seen me do it. In less than a year. In the middle of a pandemic. With a kid (and another one on the way). You just don’t know how to make this possible for *you*.

PS. No, I’m not a unicorn and I don’t have special powers. What I did, you can do too. And now, I’m ready to show you how to cross the bridge that takes you from where you are to where you want to be (preferably in less than 12 months).

Eman is a rocket with no sign of stopping...

“For the last few years, I saw Eman watching in the background. What I didn’t realize was, she was planning to take over the entire industry.

Now that she’s in action, Eman is everywhere. Every conference, every referral, every success story...

And she’s earned her spot. Eman is a rocket with no sign of stopping and the world has noticed.”

- Justin Blackman, Pretty Fly Copy

I’ve seen Eman’s business skyrocket

“Over the past 6 months, I’ve seen Eman’s business absolutely skyrocket.

When I first saw her copy, I knew she was incredibly talented. What you never know is if someone has the ability to build a business around that talent. Eman does, and she has.

I’ve looked at her actual numbers for the last year, so I know for a fact that she’s capable of both. She’s got laser focus, a great attitude and an innate business sense that makes her a natural to help others achieve what she has.”

- Amy Posner, 10XFC Coach

I'm not just impressed — I'm jealous

I'm astonished by how quickly Eman grew her business to where it is today. I've been in freelance copywriting communities for over 3 years, and I can't recall anyone who grew their business as quickly as she did. I'm not just impressed — I'm jealous.”

– Andrew Yedlin, Conversion Copywriter,

Hey, I’m Eman – but you already knew that :)

Until fairly recently (2020), I was just plodding along with my little copywriting business. Stuck in feast and famine mode. Making £4000 some months and £300 other months (thanks Covid).

And watched my business go whoooOOOOSH! Seemingly overnight.

Yupp – in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, my business completely took off. I almost tripled my revenue (it was a 258% increase if we’re getting specific).

I went from working with small charities and small business owners who queried my invoices, gasped at my (very) modest prices, ghosted my proposals and our retainer agreements… working with powerhouses like Joanna Wiebe, Belinda Weaver, Emily Thompson (Being Boss), Suzy Ashworth and Interact.

I’ve also been told I’m everywhere. (I’m not really everywhere. But I’m definitely in a good few places).

In the past year-ish, I’ve guested on 15 podcasts including the Being Boss Podcast, The Copywriter Club and Being Freelance (and I’ve got a few more scheduled in my calendar as we speak).

In the first 4 months of 2021, I was invited to speak at 6 online summits (but I only said yes to four of them). In April 2021, I was a keynote speaker at The Copywriter Club (Not) in Real Life conference – hosted by Kira Hug and Rob Marsh.

In May 2021, I delivered a Tutorial Tuesday for Joanna Wiebe at Copyhackers, and I’ve delivered countless (literally countless) more guest workshops and webinars (including workshops for Lloyds Business Bank).

And I charge over £3000/$4,000 per VIP Day and still get to enjoy weekends with my sons. So yeah, I went from being a relatively invisible copywriter who wasn’t 100% sure of what she was doing... to a copywriter who’s doing the thing and doing it well.

And I want to help you do the same. Here’s how...

If you want rapid but sustainable success in your copywriting business, you need these 4 pillars, and I can give them to you:

1. Strategy

You need specific strategies and action steps that show how to build the boss business you want, and how to avoid common mistakes that keep you stuck in freelancer (vs. business owner) land.

2. Implementation

You love to learn (which is great, because that’s what the strategy pillar is for), but you’ve suddenly realised that all this learning is useless if you don’t start putting it into action.

3. Tight-knit community

Not one of those communities where you have to shout to be heard or seen. But a small, intimate community where *you* matter, and where you can give and receive value, guidance and support.

A place to exchange ideas, off-load your worries, create long-lasting friendships, and get tailored advice from people who are where you want to be.

4. Accountability

Sometimes, you just need a close group of colleagues and friends to remind you of the commitments you made to yourself.

To regularly pull you out of the drudgery of day-to-day work so you can recalibrate your vision and see your Bigger Picture again. And yes, they’ll give you a gentle kick up the back-side when you need one.

I know you're looking for that one thing that's going to give your business some traction. But there isn't just one thing.

You need a whole ecosystem of working 'things' to build a successful, sustainable and high-paying business.

If you want to know what this ecosystem consists of,
this mastermind is definitely made for you...


The 12-week mastermind that takes you from order-taker freelancer to BOSS business owner
...who commands drool-worthy rates, manages clients with the confidence of a CEO, and has a business that aligns with the life you want to live

I secured my highest paid rate to date

"My biggest win from Like a Boss was securing my highest paid rate to date.

It's a game changer to be amongst other people who are all having that moment of clarity together. With people that are in the same boat as you, but also growing with you as well.

I've been saved a world of pain by investing in this accessible, easily digestible, practically implementable mastermind.

I don't use the term "freelancer" anymore. In fact, it makes me cringe. Now, I can confidently say - I'm a Boss!"

Dionne Anderson, Like a Boss Graduate, Dionne the Creative

I just signed a project with a director of Google

“Before I joined Like a Boss, I was lost. 

Six months after graduating, I’ve now quit my job and become a full-time tech copywriter. I just signed a project with one of the directors of Google and I charged more than my dream rate.

Right before the project started, I went back to the training from this mastermind and made sure I implemented all the steps. My client said he’s never worked with anyone so on point. He loves everything about my process.

If you don't have the confidence to engage a client…if you're unsure about your processes and whether you're delivering real value to your clients: Like a Boss is definitely for you.

I appreciate everything Eman put together to help me understand what I was missing.”

- Wayne Holt, Like a Boss Graduate, BrokenCopy

Like a Boss is NOT a course
(Unless you want it to be)

It’s an implementation-based mastermind for action-takers who are ready to step into the driver’s seat and run their copywriting business like a true pro.

Built on the four pillars of:





...this mastermind is the blueprint for success that I wish I’d had to guide and support me when I was struggling to grow my business. But it’s a blueprint that leaves space for your wishes, preferences, lifestyle, strengths and weaknesses. Instead of recreating the business model that worked for me, we’ll create the one that works for you – together.

Take the guesswork out of growing your copywriting business

When you join Like a Boss, you'll get a guided fast-track through the messy and uncomfortable growth stage of your business (from someone who's done it before), so you too can...

  • Build a sustainable business that aligns with your goals and the life you want to live
  • Work less while making more money, so you can hit your income goals month on month (without sacrificing your free time or quality time with your family)
  • Get clarity on who you want to work with, the kind of projects you want to take on, and how on earth you can land them
  • Attract clients you love and dream projects that energise you (rather than drain you)
  • Discover how to manage clients with confidence so you’re the one in the driver’s seat from enquiry to project delivery
  • Redefine your offers and prices, saving you time on prospecting and proposals, and making it easier and faster for you to deliver more profitable projects
  • Provide 5* customer experience so you can command drool-worthy rates and feel confident dropping high figures to prospects
  • Have clients respect you as the expert and authority. That means no push-back, no copy-by-committee, and complete trust in the way you run your show
  • Increase your visibility and get known for the things you *actually* want to be known for

“Sounds good, Eman. But how do I know I'll see a return on investment? How do I know Like a Boss is worth my time?”

Here's what some of my Like a Boss graduates want you to know...

“I would have been happy with even half of what we were taught in this mastermind. The return on investment was amazing.

To the person reading the sales page: just do it. I know it's seems like a huge risk. But the value I got from this mastermind is beyond anything I can describe in words. It's going to help me in the short and long term beyond what I've ever dreamed of.

I know it's a huge step, but just do it anyway. Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

– Yuval Ackerman, Like a Boss Graduate, Ackerman Copywriting

"Just having these processes in place has made my quality of life better because it's made my business go more smoothly for me.”

– Dionne Anderson, Like a Boss Graduate, Dionne the Creative

"This is a no-fluff mastermind that goes into every detail you could possibly need when it comes to running your copywriting business.”

– Like a Boss Graduate, Farrah Dafali

Yes, it was a bit of a stretch for me to sign up. But I had to take that leap of faith. And it's paying off for me now, so the investment was worth it."

– Wayne Holt, Like a Boss Graduate, BrokenCopy

Wanna take a peek inside Like a Boss?

Like a Boss is made up of 12 weeks and 5 core training modules (plus lots of other game-changing resources – keep reading to find out what!)

All core training is pre-recorded and dripped biweekly, so you actually have the space and time to implement everything you’re learning.

As soon as you join Like a Boss, you'll get immediate access to The Pre-Training Workbook.

This self-reflective workbook allows you to explore and decipher your struggles, what's working in your business, what's not working in your business, your most important goals and objectives, and the steps you're willing to take to reach them.

Once you've done this essential groundwork, you'll know your business, your wants, needs and goals more intimately than ever before.

Only then will you be ready to dive into the first core training and start doing the work of transforming your business.

Simple ways to secure a steady stream of quality leads

You know how to land clients...but landing ideal or dream clients? That’s a different ballgame entirely.

When you know how to attract ideal clients consistently, you can get picky with who you work with, create a waitlist of right-fit clients, and become an in-demand copywriter.

In this first core training (released week 1), you’ll...

  • Find out exactly how I landed my biggest clients (think: Being Boss, Copyhackers, Interact), and how you can find a method of client attraction that works for you
  • Discover the key to repelling clients from hell and instead attracting right-fit leads that are a dream to work with
  • Create a watertight qualifying system so you can stop wasting your time with dead leads and create more space for the things that move the needle in your business
  • Get access to the sales call method that helps me land 2 out of every 3 sales calls
  • Unlock the simple system that turns a one-off project into ongoing projects that multiply your revenue (without needing to be pushy or salesy)
  • Learn to avoid the common mistakes that suck your time and potential income
  • Become a pro at proving your value and convincing prospects to hire you.

Establish Boss systems and processes (with a focus on onboarding and offboarding)

Now you know how to land quality leads consistently, it’s time to get your haphazard, all-in-your-head, semi-working systems and processes in check – so you can convince your clients you're worthy of the big bucks.

Systems sooo good your clients will thank you for having them. (Seriously. I have the testimonials to prove it).

In this core training (released week 3), you’ll...

  • Get exclusive access to behind-the-scenes videos that show you how I deliver my premium-priced projects to clients. (You have my full permission to copy them)
  • Discover the #1 rule of customer service that convinces prospects to pay you your dream rates
  • Get an under-the-hood look at my systems, processes and workflows, and see how I onboard and offboard my biggest clients (video walk-throughs and examples included)
  • Get access to my Ultimate Project Workflow template. The one that takes you from enquiry to project delivery. (There’s also a version for my VIP Day and productised service workflows that I share in the fifth core training)C
  • Get your hands on the entire body of email templates I use for smooth and consistent client management. Steal them for yourself and use to them to save your time, energy and brain power
  • Find out the easy way to gather testimonials and referrals, so your social proof generates more leads (and better quality leads too)
  • Identify the workflow, systems and processes that work best for you, and start putting them into place for your next client

Manage your clients like a Boss

With your boss onboarding and offboarding coming together, now it’s time to work on everything in between so you can deliver a boss service.

Most copywriters think charging the big bucks is about being the best copywriter in the game – but it’s not.

Often it’s your ability to manage clients, your ability to make them feel taken care of and understood, and your ability to provide an exceptional customer experience that allows you to charge those drool-worthy rates.

Which is why in this core training (released week 5), you’ll…

  • Move away from being an order-taker and become a respected partner and expert in the eyes of your clients
  • Get yourself back in the driver’s seat and run a business that works for you, your lifestyle, your strengths and your weaknesses
  • Dramatically reduce the push-back you get from clients, the number of copy revisions you have to do, and the unclear feedback that leaves you feeling under confident and confused 
  • Come face-to-face with communication best practices, so your clients are always in the loop when it comes to you and their project
  • Learn how to systemise 5 star customer service that has your clients raving about you and coming back for more
  • Discover the small but important touches that’ll differentiate you from 95% of other copywriters
  • Get behind-the-scenes access to my processes, templates and project deliverables, and use them to better manage your clients

By this point in the mastermind, you'll be feeling inspired, motivated, and unbelievably impressed by the shifts you've been able to make in your business.

With three big core training modules now under your belt, it's normal to feel a little overwhelmed by all the information that's coming your way. It's likely you'll need a little extra time to catch up on the action points you haven't found time to implement (just like past members did).

That's why half way(ish) through the mastermind (weeks 7 and 8), you'll get two weeks of implementation time.

No core training modules will be released during this time period. Instead, you'll have the space you need to put your new knowledge into action.

Because implementation is everything in this mastermind.

I'll be by your side every step of the way. As well as still having access to me in the private Slack community, you'll also have an extra Ask Me Anything coaching call during week 7 and week 8.

Come week 9, we're back to the regular schedule of core training releases...

Upgrade your offers, packages and prices

Boss client management? Check ✅

Now we have to redefine your offers and pricing so they're aligned with the life you truly want for yourself, and so you're feeling 100% confident and justified in charging the higher rates you're now quoting.

In this core training (released week 9), you’ll...

  • Replace your “I-do-a-little-bit-of-everything” bio with a specific set of services and offers, so you can charge boss rates that comfort ideal clients and repel wrong-fit ones 
  • Stop taking whatever work is available and start working on dream projects that were made for you
  • Get the deets on how I’ve managed to avoid writing lengthy proposals/scopes of work and signed thousands of pounds worth of projects after just one 30-minute sales call
  • Figure out how to position your services and offer what your clients need (instead of what you want)
  • Discover the systems and processes behind creating productised services and VIP Days that maximise your income and allow you to work less
  • Get started on creating your own productised service or VIP Day

Get visible and market your business like a Boss

You're feeling confident and excited about your service suite, and you have rates that allow you to earn more working fewer hours.

Now it's time to create your boss marketing strategy so you can make your mark and become irresistible to both ideal clients and speaker-seekers.

In this core training (released week 11), you’ll…

  • Grow your audience by creating a marketing plan that brings in potential clients and speaking opportunities
  • Establish the confidence to market your business as your true self, knowing you don't have to fake it or be anyone but you
  • Overcome your consistency challenges and draw up a plan that’s easy to maintain, and one that works around your strengths and preferences
  • Learn to leverage other people’s platforms, how to pitch podcasts and get invited to speak at events
  • Find out my strategy for getting onto 15 podcasts – including The Copywriter Club, Being Boss, Being Freelance, and The Get Paid Podcast – and how to maximise this visibility so it continues to bring you opportunities for a long time afterwards 
  • Learn how to market successfully – even if you’re an introvert, extrovert, something in between, or if you feel like there isn’t space for someone like you

You’ll also get...

The Private Slack Community

Get full access to me, my brain and the behind-the-scenes of my business in the Slack community, as well as access to a small community of driven and action-taker copywriters who are just as ambitious as you. You won’t be restricted to office hours.

This is an open community where you’ll be able to ask questions, share your challenges and struggles, celebrate your wins, get copy reviews, and chat by the virtual watercooler whenever you want.

It’s also where you’ll get the chance to build relationships with your fellow copywriters, and share ideas and inspiration.

Ask Me Anything Group Calls

Our Ask Me Anything group calls offer you the chance to get face-to-face support. We’ll workshop through your struggles and make sure all your questions are answered.

These biweekly calls take place on the weeks when a core training hasn’t been released. That way, you’ll have time to watch the training, implement it, and then bring your ideas and questions to the call.

All Ask Me Anything calls will be recorded and available to watch within 48 hours.

Accountability Sessions

Once you join Like a Boss, I’ll divide our group into smaller groups of four, creating mini-masterminds within the mastermind (just like my mini-mastermind with Bree Weber and Nicola Moors!). (Inception much?!)

With your fellow mini-masterminders, you’ll...

  • Hold accountability sessions so you have a place to track your progress and get support staying on top of your goals
  • Have your own slack channel (within our Slack community), where you’ll feel even more comfortable sharing your growth struggles, wins, and income goals
  • Get the chance to dive deep into each other’s businesses to see how other copywriters run their business
  • Be able to organise fun, action-inspiring activities like coworking sessions and hot seats (if that’s your jam)
  • Develop deeper friendships and connections. (<< And that is priceless)

Private Podcast Feed

If you prefer to learn on the go, you’ll love the Like a Boss private podcast feed.

All core training and guest expert sessions are uploaded as podcast episodes so you can listen to them on Apple Podcasts (or a range of other podcast players) with the click of a button.

Catch up or relisten to core training modules while you’re walking to work, on a run, or driving the kids to school. Whatever else you’re juggling, this mastermind is designed to fit into your life with ease.

The Nail Your Niche BONUS training*

If you loved my TCC(N)IRL keynote presentation or my Copyhackers Tutorial Tuesday, you’ll love this bonus.

While most niche-related training teaches you how to pick a niche, this Nail Your Niche bonus training dives deep into how to grow your business AFTER you specialise.

Drawing on my own experiences of going from a nobody in email, to someone who’s been hired by some amazing clients... I share the step-by-step process that’ll help you get over the fear of narrowing down and take your specialism’s world by storm.

*(If you’ve already bought this training, you’ll get a half-hour bonus call with me instead when you get The Live Experience. WOOP!)

The Slack group is filled with so much... LOVE

I knew the Slack group was a perk of the programme, but I've been in other programmes where I barely engaged with the Slack group at all.

They weren't active and I didn't feel connected to them. So I guess I didn't give it much thought, and kind of dismissed the Slack feature as being a possibly ho-hum part of the programme. An inclusion, but one that might not have much value.

Instead, Eman created an environment filled with so much... I want to say... LOVE. Which sounds odd for a group of people from all over the world who had never met in real life, and had only just met online. But there it is.”

Zoe Heard, Like a Boss Graduate, Get Heard

Now I have colleagues I can also call friends

“Up until now, it felt kind of lonely to be a copywriter, working online. Now I have colleagues I can also call friends. They provide so much support and knowledge, I sometimes can't even believe it.

With the support that I got from the group, I really changed my self esteem. I was practicing, learning and equipping myself with knowledge, and I was able to build my confidence to a level that I didn't think was even possible.

I'm certain those connections will continue blooming, alongside our businesses.”

Yuval Ackerman, Like a Boss Graduate, Ackerman Copywriting

There's more...

You’ll get access to these 3 LIVE guest expert sessions


Structure and Deliver Boss Retainer Projects with Belinda Weaver

Retainers are the holy grail, right? Secure a few great ones and you’ll be able to create financial stability for you and your business.

But if you don’t know how to do them properly, retainers can go terribly wrong.

In this guest expert session, Belinda Weaver (yes, that Belinda Weaver!) is sharing her best strategies on how to set up successful and profitable retainers, different ways to structure them, and things to consider so you can make yours profitable.


Create Boss Case Studies that Bring You More Clients with Dana Owens

Dana Owens is the Case Study Queen. She knows how to research, plan and create a fierce case study that closes more sales and attracts your ideal clients.

The best way to convince a client to work with you is to prove you can deliver results. Dana will show you how to create Boss case studies that do just that.


How to be an Unforgettable Podcast Guest with Steve Folland

Want to get on more podcasts?

Steve Folland – host of Being Freelance and award-winning Doing it For the Kids – is giving us the scoop on what makes a great podcast pitch, what exactly hosts are looking for, and how you can be an unforgettable podcast guest.

If you aim to be more visible this year, you won’t want to miss this.

Plus, you'll get instant access to these 7 BONUS guest expert sessions as soon as you join 🤯👇🏾

(All pre-recorded)


How to manage your mindset around pricing with Linda Perry

Knowing how to price your projects is one thing. Being able to confidently command your rates is something else entirely.

If quoting big numbers makes you feel like a greedy, sleazy car salesman, or if your dream rates feel like they’ll always be a dream…

Linda Perry’s interactive mindset workshop and pricing mini-meditation will help you figure out your biggest money blocks, so you can get one step closer to charging the figures you want.


Pricing your offers and projects with Amy Posner

Ever feel like you’re just making up numbers when a prospect asks you for a quote? Amy Posner is a 10xFC coach and veteran copywriter who regularly lands $25K projects (basically in her sleep).

In this guest expert session, Amy explains exactly what to consider when pricing your offers and work, and how to position yourself as a worthy investment once you’ve entered “I’m-an-expensive-copywriter” territory


The 5 Essential Processes for Your Copywriting Business with Lauren Stratford

Lauren is an organisational and productivity coach who specialises in whipping copywriters' businesses into shape.

In this guest expert interview, Lauren dives into the five essential processes for your business, and some of the common mistakes you don't even know you're making.

She shares tips on how to simplify your systems and workflows, explains how and where paid software fits into this, and even spills her top time management tips. I’ve worked with Lauren personally and her knowledge on this topic BLEW my mind. It’ll blow yours too.


Stepping into the role of strategist with Samar Owais

Samar Owais made the dramatic transition from blog writer to email strategist just a couple of years ago. And already she’s worked with brands like Pinterest and Copyhackers (plus a couple more she can’t disclose due to watertight NDAs).

As a brown, visibly Muslim, female business owner who lives in Pakistan, she’s had to work harder than most to be accepted as the strong leader and strategist that she is.

In this guest expert interview, Samar shares what being a strategist for her clients looks like in practice, and the personal changes she had to make so she could confidently lead her clients.


How to generate game-changing ideas and stay creative in your business with Becky Simpson

You don’t want to create just another cookie-cutter copywriting business. You want to create something that actually works for (and inspires) you.

That’s why I’ve asked Becky Simpson – a two-time published author and a graphic designer who’s worked with Condé Nast, Samsung, Adobe, Etsy and more – to spill all her idea-generating secrets.

In this session, she tells you how to go from being an idea drought to an idea machine, how to reframe creative blocks, and establish a healthy creative rhythm (even when life (or Covid) is getting you down).


Creating boss habits and routines with Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson is the OG Boss. She literally started the podcast: Being Boss (with 9+ million downloads and counting). And she literally co-wrote the book: Being Boss: Take Control of Your Work and Live Life on Your Own Terms.

In this guest expert interview, Emily shares the key to creating habits and routines that allow you to create a business that aligns with your goals and your personal definition of success.

We’ll talk actionable strategies, self-care rituals, social routines and seasonal working. As a parent and the owner of two businesses (Being Boss and Almanac Supply Co), she knows this dance and she knows it damn well.


Land your wishlist clients with ethical cold pitching with Bree Weber

Wouldn't it be great if you could stop waiting for your dream clients to one day magically stumble across you and instead convince them to hire you today?

In this presentation, Bree Weber teaches you the difference between her ethical cold pitch strategy and the the stiff, traditional, mark-it-as-spam cold pitches we're so used to seeing in our inboxes; the four rules for crafting ethical cold pitches; and the mindset shifts you need to make so you can start landing your wishlist clients.

I cannot believe I only paid as much as I did for this mastermind

Now thinking back to all of the guest expert sessions, I cannot believe I only paid as much as I did for this mastermind. Because we could have had just the core trainings and that would have been more than enough, for sure.

But then all those insights and all those perspectives from women business owners who are successful in their own fields and niches...just seeing those testimonies of power... that was refreshing to me.

They're paving their own paths and showing others how to do it as well, which is something I really appreciate because a lot of times people don't want to share their success, and they don't want to teach it forward.

Hearing their stories was so empowering."

Yuval Ackerman, Like a Boss Graduate, Ackerman Copywriting

Sounds AMAZING, right? But here’s the catch…
There are just 12 spots available

This mastermind gives you the support you want and deserve, which is why I've put a cap on the number of places available. You won’t get lost in the crowd here. But if you want to join, join now.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking…

“What’s the difference between Like a Boss and other masterminds and communities?”

Lemme tell you...

Join Like a Boss and you’ll get immediate access to…

  • The Pre-Training Workbook, so you can set some of the essential groundwork you need to fly over the next 12 weeks
  • The 90-minute Nail Your Niche bonus training that teaches you how to grow your business AFTER you’ve specialised
  • 7 recorded guest expert sessions including trainings like Pricing your offers and projects with Amy Posner, How to manage your mindset around pricing with Linda Perry, Stepping into the role of strategist with Samar Owais and more!

You’ll be granted access to the Slack community and the first core training when Like a Boss officially starts on April 11th 2022.

If you pay attention to Eman’s advice, you’ll go far

Eman is one of my favourite kind of people. The kind of business owner who looks for opportunities to learn from the best, is prepared to invest her money and her time and most importantly, someone who implements what she's learning.

She doesn't collect courses. She doesn't lurk in the shadows. She puts herself front and centre to suck the marrow out of every learning opportunity. She's prepared to fail in order to succeed and that's how she's figured out how to adapt and improve what she's learned.

I'm thrilled she's shifted into becoming an educator and coach as her spirit is one of generosity and a sincere desire for the success of others. If you're one of those people and you pay attention to her advice, you'll go far. For reals.”

Belinda Weaver, Hot Copy Podcast & Copywrite Matters

Ready to go from order-taker copywriter to Life-Loving, Ideal-Client-Attracting, Drool-Worthy-Rates-Commanding, Earns-More-Works-Less, Boss Business Owner?

Choose between The Live Experience and the DIY Course 👇🏽

When you join Like a Boss: The Course, you'll get:

  • The Like a Boss Pre-Training Workbook (Instant access)
  • 5 Core Training Modules complete with guided workbooks and behind-the-scenes templates (Instant access to all five)
  • 'The 5 Essential Processes for Your Copywriting Business' with guest expert speaker Lauren Stratford (Instant access)
  • Lifetime access and 14-day money-back guarantee included


Pay monthly with x4 payments of £385

+VAT (if you live in the EU)


When you join Like a Boss: The Live Experience, you'll get:

  • The Like a Boss Pre-Training Workbook (Instant access)
  • 5 Core Training Modules complete with guided workbooks and behind-the-scenes templates
  • Nail Your Niche BONUS training (Instant access)
  • The Private Slack community
  • Biweekly Ask Me Anything group calls
  • 3 live guest expert sessions with Belinda Weaver, Dana Owens and Steve Folland
  • 7 pre-recorded guest expert sessions with Lauren Stratford, Amy Posner, Linda Perry, Emily Thompson, Becky Simpson, and Samar Owais (Instant access)
  • Mini-mastermind accountability sessions
  • Private podcast feed 
  • Lifetime access and 14-day money-back guarantee included


Pay monthly with x4 payments of £650

OR x6 payments of £440

+VAT (if you live in the EU)


+ Get two half-hour 1:1 calls when you pay in full!

📞📞 Pay in full for The Live Experience and get two 1:1 calls with me

The first 30-minute call happens at the start of Like A Boss, so I can get under the hood of your business, better understand your goals and figure out how to best support you.

The second 30-minute call happens at the end of the 12 weeks, so we can review your time and progress in Like a Boss and decide on some next steps for you to work towards once you’ve graduated.

Join with confidence knowing you’ve got this baby in your back pocket ⬇️

Your 14-day money-back guarantee
I’m so confident you’ll love Like a Boss that I’m willing to literally bank on it. If you join and then feel like that wasn’t the right decision, I’ll give you a FULL refund within 14 days of Like a Boss starting. I said what I said! 👏🏽

No questions. No hassle. You’ll get a FULL refund as long as you let me know within two weeks.

All you have to do is drop an email to and we’ll hit undo on your investment. Sound good? I know it does ;)

The most money I've made in all of my writing career

"The money I've made in the last 5 months [after completing Like a Boss], is the most money I've made at one time in all of my writing career.

Eman said that in 12 weeks you can have a totally different business. And that is exactly what Like a Boss has done for me.

– Amina Oke, Like a Boss Graduate, The Illuminated Pen

Still not sure?
Check out some of the wins copywriters have seen after joining Like a Boss...

(These screenshots were taken from our exclusive Slack community where members often share their deep highs and deep lows. I’ve hidden names and faces to protect my past members’ privacy. I’m sure you understand).

When you join Like a Boss, you’ll figure out how that inner circle of making-it copywriters are actually...well...making it

The copywriters who…

  • Aren't always searching for clients (and when they are they know exactly where to find them and how to land them)
  • Are making the money they want to make consistently (whether that's $5,000, $8,000 or $10,000 a month)
  • Work with clients that send *them* gifts, that thank *them* and that are an absolute dream to work with
  • Know the systems, processes and workflows they need to command high rates and have happy clients who are excited (and kinda desperate) to work with them
  • Boast waitlists that turn you green with envy
  • Have five figure tax bills that make them laugh one minute and cry the next

If you don’t join Like a Boss before that timer hits zero, here’s what happens...

1 week from now...

You’ll realise you missed your chance to get out of the cycle of stuck that you’re in. You’ll acknowledge that you’re still not achieving your full potential and – because you’re so ambitious – that realisation will hurt.

4 weeks from now...

You’ll take on a bigger project at a rate that gets you excited (because your business IS growing). But you’ll panic as you get closer and closer to the project start date because you have no idea how to manage a project this big or a client who’s invested this much.

You’ll also bend to the client’s every whim because you don't feel you can maintain your own boundaries. In fact, you haven’t even figured out what your boundaries are.

Finally, you’ll wrap up the project feeling resentful because the client massacred the copy you worked so hard on. *Sigh*

6 months from now...

You still won’t have made the mark you want to because you said no to the fast-track option. You’ll get there eventually because you’re damn smart and talented. But you’re taking the scenic route. The very long, very scenic route.

You'll watch your peers (the ones who joined Like a Boss six months before) fly past you. You’ll wonder why and how they’re doing it. They're appearing on podcasts, delivering guest training, and showing up visibly as the experts they are.

You know you have so much to offer but you still don't know how to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

1 year from now...

You've been working hard for 12 whole months and sure you’ve made progress (that was always inevitable), but it’s not the speedy and intentional progress you wanted.

That vision you have for your life and your business is still just a vision. Your goals are still unchecked because you've been trapped in project after project and you neglected to focus on your business development.

Got questions?
Here’s what other copywriters are asking...

Like a Boss is a 12-week mastermind for copywriters. There are two versions: 1. Like a Boss: The Live Experience. In this version, you'll get the five core training modules… PLUS live biweekly coaching from me, a private Slack community where we can workshop your business struggles, and access to top-tier guest expert sessions from some of the best business owners in the online world. 2. Like a Boss: The Course. This version comes with the five core training modules, plus one juicy guest expert session. It's a trimmed down version of The Live Experience, and although you'll still have access to my game-changing methods, strategies and training…it doesn't come with live coaching or the Slack community. This option is best for copywriters who want access to the core mastermind content, but who can't manage the higher-priced Live Experience payments right now. Things to note: All five core training modules are pre-recorded and released biweekly, so you have time to implement what you learn after each core training. Core Training 1 will be available on the first day our mastermind officially begins. And the other four core trainings will be dripped every two weeks after that. As part of The Live Experience, there's a 2-week implementation period halfway through the mastermind where no live training will be released. This is to give you time to breathe so you're not overwhelmed by all the training, and so you have time to implement anything you haven't already been able to. During these two weeks, you'll have x2 Ask Me Anything calls with me instead.

Like a Boss is for copywriters in any specialism or niche. It doesn't matter how long you've been copywriting or what your revenue is. The only requirement is that your copywriting business exists and you've been taking on clients. If, for example, you want to set up a copywriting business and you're working towards that BUT that business doesn't exist right now…this mastermind is not a good fit for you.

First of all, lemme say that I advise you NOT to join if joining will put you in a difficult financial situation or in debt. That's not what I want for you. You will hit ALL your business goals with or without me. But I created this mastermind so I could help you get there a lot faster. That said, if you do have the money to join, the answer is YES. Like a Boss is 100% worth the investment. This is what Like a Boss graduates have to say about this:

"I would have been happy with even half of what we were taught in this mastermind. The return on investment was amazing…" -- Yuval Ackerman
"Like a Boss is one of the best investments you could make in your business and in yourself. I was fully booked for 6 weeks into the future (the first time that's happened), and I wasbooking higher value projects, including my first AUD$5000 project…" Zoe Heard
"The detail and work Eman has put into this mastermind is truly incredible. It has actually been the best investment I have ever made." - Farrah Dafali
"Yes, it was a bit of a stretch for me to sign up. But I had to take that leap of faith. And it's paying off for me now, so the investment was worth it." -- Wayne Holt
Oh, and if the pay-in-full price tag doesn't seem doable, you can opt for the 4-month or 6-month payment plan.

I get it - life's busy! (As a mum of two young children, I really get it). But Like a Boss is for copywriters who are ready to make time for their business growth and start implementing the changes they want to see -- despite their packed schedule. So if you're an action-taker who wants to create more space for doing, and you have the ability and willingness to make this work, this mastermind is for you. All in all, you'll need around 3-5 hours a week plus any other time you can put aside to work on implementing the lessons and training. Let's break that down:

  • Biweekly core training: you'll need 3-4 hours to watch each of the five core training modules
  • Weekly implementation time: Whatever time you can put aside to work on implementing the lessons and training is great. How much time is completely up to you.
  • Biweekly Ask Me Anything group calls: 1.5 hours long. They'll always be recorded, so if you can't join us live you can watch them at your own pace when you're ready.
  • Guest expert sessions: approx. 1 hour long. You have access to pre-recorded guest expert sessions, and you'll also be invited to live sessions too. When these sessions are live, you'll have the chance to submit questions beforehand.
  • Accountability sessions: Choose your own adventure ;) The group will be divided into smaller groups so you can create your own mini-mastermind within the mastermind. You and your mini-mastermind members can choose how frequently you meet and how long for.

Remember: All these elements ARE NOT happening weekly.

They're happening biweekly, which means you'll have more time, space and energy for implementation.

It comes up to about 3-5 hours a week, plus whatever else you choose to dedicate.

Oh and once you join, you'll get lifetime access to all the resources so you can suck the marrow out of every training and benefit from them long after the mastermind is over.

Yes, it will. I'm guessing if your other community/membership/course was giving you everything you need, you wouldn't be here reading my FAQs ;) Am I right? That's not to say your community/membership/course isn't amazing. It's just that you need something more considering where you're at in your business right now. Like a Boss: The Live Experience is here to teach you the strategies and secrets that helped me build my boss copywriting business so fast, so you can do the same. This is your chance to move at a faster pace than you have been, while being intentional and strategic about every single move. Being part of a tight-knit community (instead of one that has 25, 150 or even 400+ copywriters inside) means your voice will always be heard and valued. One of the many great things about Like a Boss is that it's only 12 weeks long. So if you need to take a backseat in another rolling/ongoing membership so you can focus on fast-tracking your business for 12 weeks, it's 100% doable.

The Live Experience lasts for 12 whole weeks. That's 12 weeks of full access to me and your new copywriter friends through the Slack community, the Ask Me Anything group calls, the guest expert sessions, and the accountability sessions. You'll have plenty of time to workshop through your struggles and challenges, and to get your questions answered. If you pay in full, you'll also have two half-hour 1:1 calls with me where you can doubly make sure we work through everything you need to. One of these calls will be at the beginning of the mastermind, and the other will be at the end.

Once you join The Live Experience, I'll get your time zone details so I can do my best to make sure you're able to attend the fun stuff live. But because of the nature of time zones (bleurgh!), I can't guarantee it. In any case...

  • The core training is pre-recorded, so you watch them in your own time, at your own pace
  • You'll have constant access to me and your fellow copywriters in the Slack community (your time zone doesn't matter)
  • All live calls and sessions will be recorded so you never miss a thing (and you'll be able to submit any questions you have ahead of time)

Yes, I plan to run Like a Boss at least twice a year. However, as the content, training and coaching evolves the price will likely increase between launches. So if money is a consideration (...when isn't it?!) it might be worth grabbing it now because this is the cheapest it'll ever be.

Like a Boss focuses exclusively on the business side of your copywriting business, so there won't be much time or attention given to helping you upskill as a copywriter. (You're already a great copywriter. But if you want to improve some more, you might want to check out my online copywriting course, Be Your Own Copywriter). There is a #copy-review channel in our Slack workspace, which is where you and your fellow members can peer review each other's copy before hitting publish or sending it to clients. I'll always do my best to review any work you submit, but my main priority is to help you go from freelancer to boss business owner - FAST.

A LOT. I'm basically yours for 12 weeks. Whether that's on Slack, in our Ask Me Anything group calls, our guest expert sessions or in your pay-in-full bonus calls.

Immediately upon joining Like a Boss: The Live Experience, you'll get instant access to:

  • The Like a Boss self-reflection Pre-Training Workbook
  • The link to book your pay-in-full 1:1 bonus calls (if you choose to pay in full)
  • The Nail Your Niche bonus training. (If you've already bought this training, you'll get a half-hour bonus call with me instead)
  • ALL pre-recorded guest expert sessions with Boss business owners like Amy Posner, Samar Owais, Linda Perry, Emily Thompson and more!
And when Like a Boss officially begins on Day 1 of the 12 weeks, you'll get:
  • A detailed walk-through onboarding you into the mastermind
  • Access to the private Slack community
  • Access to the 1st core training module: 'Simple ways to secure a steady stream of quality leads'. (The other four core training modules will be released biweekly. You'll have a release schedule to remind you of those dates)
  • Access to the Like a Boss Private Podcast Feed
  • The Ask Me Anything call schedule
  • The Core Training release schedule
Immediately upon joining Like a Boss: The Course, you'll get instant access to:
  • The Like a Boss self-reflection Pre-Training Workbook
  • The 1st core training module. (The other four core training modules will be released biweekly. You can skip the 2-week implementation break if you'd prefer)
  • Access to Productivity Coach Lauren Stratford's guest expert session: The 5 Essential Processes for Your Copywriting Business

The truth’ve already been doing the work

You’re already part of copywriter memberships and communities, which just goes to show how much self-development and self-investment means to you.

You showed up to my free masterclass and maybe even my TCC(N)IRL talk or Tutorial Tuesday for Copyhackers, and hearing about how fast I grew my business got you excited.

Because if I did it...that means you can too. (Yepp, you 100% can).

When you first started your copywriting business, you were chasing the income. But now you know you can get clients, make money, and write great copy, you’re much more interested in building a business that works around your life and aligns with your goals.

Making money still matters - obvs. But working with clients you like, on projects you enjoy, and building a balanced life you love matters more.

Yupp! You’ve already been doing the work. So joining Like a Boss is just the next natural step for you.

And even though you feel slightly uncomfortable, you know it’s that exciting-exhilarating-pre-growth kind of uncomfortable that makes an appearance every time something special is about to happen.

You’ve already proven you can run a copywriting business.

Now it’s time to build a boss copywriting business that aligns with your goals and allows you to fulfil your every dream and potential.

Can’t wait to see you inside! :)

Ready to go from order-taker copywriter to Life-Loving, Ideal-Client-Attracting, Drool-Worthy-Rates-Commanding, Earns-More-Works-Less, Boss Business Owner?

Choose between The Live Experience and the DIY Course 👇🏽

When you join Like a Boss: The Course, you'll get:

  • The Like a Boss Pre-Training Workbook (Instant access)
  • 5 Core Training Modules complete with guided workbooks and behind-the-scenes templates (Instant access to all five)
  • 'The 5 Essential Processes for Your Copywriting Business' with guest expert speaker Lauren Stratford (Instant access)
  • Lifetime access and 14-day money-back guarantee included


Pay monthly with x4 payments of £385

+VAT (if you live in the EU)

When you join Like a Boss: The Live Experience, you'll get:

  • The Like a Boss Pre-Training Workbook (Instant access)
  • 5 Core Training Modules complete with guided workbooks and behind-the-scenes templates
  • Nail Your Niche BONUS training (Instant access)
  • The Private Slack community
  • Biweekly Ask Me Anything group calls
  • 3 live guest expert sessions with Belinda Weaver, Dana Owens and Steve Folland
  • 7 pre-recorded guest expert sessions with Lauren Stratford, Amy Posner, Linda Perry, Emily Thompson, Becky Simpson, and Samar Owais (Instant access)
  • Mini-mastermind accountability sessions
  • Private podcast feed 
  • Lifetime access and 14-day money-back guarantee included


Pay monthly with x4 payments of £650

OR x6 payments of £440

+VAT (if you live in the EU)

+ Get two half-hour 1:1 calls when you pay in full!

Eman is 100% the person to learn from

"Eman is the person you want in your corner when you're sick of "trying" to grow you freelance biz and are ready to do the scary stuff that'll actually grow your business.

I've had front row seats to the phenomenal growth Eman has had in the past couple of years. And it all boils down to one thing: doing the work.

I've seen her work her ass off in Joanna Wiebe's course and seen her get results. I've seen her implement EVERYTHING she learned in my course and attract the clients she wanted. And I see her kick ass and do phenomenal work for all the incredible companies she's working with now.

If you want to learn from someone who believes in taking shortcuts to succeed... Eman's not the person. But if you're someone who believes in doing things right, who believes in sustainable growth and long term success...then Eman is 100% the person to learn from.”

Samar Owais, Emails Done Right