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A Week of Workshops

Get access to X3 1-hour workshops designed to take you from order-taker freelance copywriter to BOSS business owner.

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3 Days. 3 Workshops.

This was a live event that has now passed. Register to get the workshop recordings.


How to create a 5* client experience (that wows your clients and raises your rates) – plus Q&A

Clients are never just paying for copy.

If you can create a client experience that blows their socks off, you can charge a whole lot more. In this workshop, I'll show you how to do that.


How to become a highly paid copywriter plus Q&A

When I started my business in 2018, I was charging £15 an hour. Maybe even less. In just a few years, I've gone from cheap copywriter to premium copywriter.

In this workshop, I'll walk you through the steps you need to take (and the transformations you need to make) so you can charge more and become a highly paid copywriter too.


6 figures in 7 months: My 2022 year in review plus Q&A

I started 2022 with a two and a half month old baby and a 6 year-old. I wasn't sure what the year would bring, but I was still hopeful.

I ended 2022 having earned 6 figures in revenue – even though I'd taken over 4 months off work (for family and life stuff. Because that stuff matters too!).

In this workshop, I'll break down my year, the inner workings of my business, my achievements, and my mistakes, and answer any questions you have about how I built my copywriting business.


Like a Boss Open House plus Q&A

Come and find out everything you need to know about my 12-week mastermind: Like a Boss.

x2 month payment plan available

Eman is a rocket with no sign of stopping...

“For the last few years, I saw Eman watching in the background. What I didn’t realize was, she was planning to take over the entire industry.

Now that she’s in action, Eman is everywhere. Every conference, every referral, every success story...

And she’s earned her spot. Eman is a rocket with no sign of stopping and the world has noticed.”

- Justin Blackman, Pretty Fly Copy

Eman is the person you want in your corner

"Eman is the person you want in your corner when you're sick of "trying" to grow you freelance biz and are ready to do the scary stuff that'll actually grow your business.

I've had front row seats to the phenomenal growth she's had in the past couple of years.

If you want to learn from someone who believes in taking shortcuts to succeed... Eman's not the person.

But if you're someone who believes in doing things right, who believes in sustainable growth and long term success...then Eman is 100% the person to learn from.”

– Samar Owais, Emails Done Right

Hey, I'm Eman 👋🏽

Email strategist and copywriter, mama of two,

and 6-figure business owner

But I wasn't always a 6-figure copywriter who worked with 6 and 7-figure clients.

I started my business in 2018 charging £15 an hour.

And when the pandemic hit in 2020, March, April, and May were my worst business months ever. Seriously. I made £300-ish (profit) in May.

But within a few months, I managed to figure this copywriting thing out and everything changed.

I started to land clients like –

💥 Joanna Wiebe (Copyhackers)

💥 Belinda Weaver (Hot Copy Podcast)

💥 Emily Thompson (Being Boss)

💥 Samar Owais (Email genius)

Today, I'm the host of business podcast Mistakes That Made Me (check it out if you haven't already!).

I've guested on stages and podcasts like –

🎙The Copywriter Club (Not) In Real Life

🎙The Copywriter Club (podcast)

🎙Copyhackers' Tutorial Tuesday (and I've been featured in one, two, three Copyhackers articles)

🎙The Get Paid Podcast

🎙Being Boss

And I've helped my clients get results like –

  • $170,000 launch in 7 days (That's a quarter of a million Australian dollars for this Australian client!)
  • £300,000 in 11 months
  • And so much more

In this Week of Workshops, I'll share how you can grow your copywriting business and go from order-taker freelancer to BOSS business owner...

Just like I did.

x2 month payment plan available

These copywriters think my training, courses,

and workshops are AWESOME 🔥...

"Are these workshops gonna be worth my time and money?"

These copywriters Borrowed My Brain 😍👇 And they think my brain is well worth your investment

All your questions, answered 👇🏾

1. "What is A Week of Workshops?"

A week where I held x3 live workshops (with Q&A sessions) for copywriters. The live event has now passed, but you can register to instantly receive all the workshop recordings.

You don't have to watch all the workshops. You can pick and choose (but getting the All Access Pass does give you access to all three).

2. “Who are these workshops for?”

I created these workshops for copywriters (of all experience levels) who want to increase their confidence, their rates, and the respect they command from clients.

If you're ready to stop being an order-taker and start being taken seriously as a business owner, you'll love these workshops.

3. "You're an email copywriter, Eman. Will your advice only be applicable to email projects?"

Oooo great question. The short answer is no.

I am an email copywriter but I've designed this workshop for all copywriters – no matter your niche or specialism. Or maybe you don't have one. That's fine too.

4. "When are these workshops happening?"

They already happened! If you register now, you'll get the workshop recordings sent straight to your inbox.

5. "What does the All Access Pass give me access to?"

You'll get access to all four of the Week of Workshops events.

You don't need to pay for the workshops separately. They come as a bundle.

6. "What if I can't make it live? Will there be recordings of the workshops?"

This event has already happened! If you register now, you'll get the workshop recordings sent straight to your inbox.

7. "How long will I have access for?"

You'll have forever* access.

*"Forever" means as long as me and my copywriting business are alive and kicking – and I plan for that to be a very long time.

8. “Do you offer refunds?”

No. All sales are final. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at hey@emancopyco.com

9. "How do I get my hands your Week of Workshops?"

Hit the button below 👇🏾 make the payment, and then look out for the workshop recordings in your inbox.

x2 month payment plan available